About Us

Pioneered Brook Cliff Ltd so you can unlock the future of work through peer-to-peer sharing

Why Brook Cliff Ltd?

Working the manner in which we in all actuality do doesn’t mirror the manner in which we need to live. What’s more now, significant changes in innovation, society, and work have left us battling to match our abilities to our aspirations.
Reskilling projects and very long-term professional ways should move us into what’s to come. All things considered, they’re keeping us down.
We need to check out the fate of work in a profoundly unique manner.

We pioneered the Brook Cliff Ltd movement

Reforming corporate learning is presently not a fantasy, it's existence. Beginning around 2021, we've been spearheading the Brook Cliff Ltd development close by 150 of the world's driving organizations.

Your people will LOVE our learning platform

In addition to the fact that we boast an astounding 91% finishing rate versus 20% across the eLearning business, students proactively complete a normal of 11 exercises each day. Try not to trust us? See what our clients say.

We’re the industry leader

Pioneer on G2? Check. Class pioneer on Capterra? Check. The top stage in the eLearning Industry? Check. We're the undisputed forerunner in learning and we have the identifications to demonstrate it.

We’re ready to tackle every learning need with you

The advancing necessities of your association will change after some time. The Brook Cliff Ltd Suite is here to assist you with handling each new learning need as it emerges whether that implies representative onboarding, deals preparing, client preparing, or more.

The best support and training in the industry

We know parting ways with the state of affairs in any event, when it's horrible is hard. We make it simple to dump dull eLearning with the business' best help and extensive preparation.

The skills gap trap

So your kin has an abilities hole and you think a reskilling program will address it? While you're occupied with attempting to anticipate the abilities of things to come, the world is advancing in manners you would never envision. Your kin needs genuine abilities, not theoretical abilities.

Meet Our Expert Teams

Our approach to SEO is uniquely built around what SEO is uniquely built around we works and what we know doesn’t work.

Jozef Malar

CEO & Founder

Larry Brown

Sales Enablement

Lloyd Parks

Product Analysis

Mike Burwell

VP Talent, Learning & Development